Pilibaba Chinese Checkout payment addon for X-Cart 5 provides a solution that will help you to save huge when penetrating into China – the biggest E-Commerce developing country.  pilibaba_addon.png

Pilibaba is a technical company from China providing a unique combined Payment & Logistics solution to overcome the barriers of cross-border E-Commerce to China market. By connecting to Pilibaba all-in-one gateway, you can sell to 1.3 Billion Chinese customers with your existing online store instantly. When you receive an order from a Chinese shopper, you will be able to ship the order to Pilibaba designated domestic warehouse, and Pilibaba will provide efficient re-label, customs clearance and door-to-door delivery anywhere in China.

Getting Started with Pilibaba Chinese Checkout

To start using Pilibaba Chinese Checkout with X-Cart 5:

  1. In your X-Cart store’s Admin area, go to the Payment methods section.
  2. In the Payment methods section, find the method Pilibaba Chinese Checkout and click Configure
  3. Use the Pilibaba Registration page (Registration tab) to create a Pilibaba merchant account: complete all the fields on the page with your desired settings then click Click to create Pilibaba account
  4. After creating a Pilibaba account, click the Connection tab to go to the Pilibaba settings page. All your info will be automatically loaded from your account and displayed in the “Your account settings” section.   To use the Pilibaba gateway in production, be sure to switch the Test/Live mode setting to “Live mode”. To log in to your Pilibaba account, click the link My Pilibaba account dashboard.

    Please note that the URL is pre-defined as preen.pilibaba.com when you are in Test mode, and as en.pilibaba.com when you are in Live mode.

Pilibaba Account Overview

You can login to your Pilibaba account at http://en.pilibaba.com

Pilibaba dashboard is easy to operate. You can:

  • Check your account balance (converted to your selected currency);
  • Review your received  payments;
  • Withdraw money;
  • Check your customers info\CRM;
  • Create and send invoices to customers.

Below are a few screenshots demonstrating the features available in the Pilibaba dashboard: