Adding Products with PIN Codes

Adding a product with PIN codes is similar to adding an ordinary product, as described in Adding Products. The difference is that you must disable shipping for this product and generate PIN codes using the PIN Codes section of the product details. See below for detailed instructions.

To add a PIN code product:

  1. Create a new product as described in Adding Products or use an existing one. Open the details of this product for viewing/modification. For the sake of example, we are going to use a product “License PIN”. It is going to be our PIN code product.

  2. On the Info tab of the Product details page, locate the Shipping section and disable shipping for the product. shipping.png

  3. Switch to the PIN Codes tab and enable the setting PIN codes enabled. This enables the PIN codes feature for the product. pin_codes_enable.png

  4. Now you can add PIN codes for the product. PIN codes can be added either manually or automatically. You can choose one of the options.

    • If you want PIN codes to be generated by X-Cart (not entered by you), set the PIN codes generation method to Automatically: pin_codes_auto_generation.png With this option enabled, the generation of a PIN code by X-Cart will be performed on demand for each buyer of the product. The PIN itself will be a 16-digit numeric code.

    • If you want to add PIN codes by yourself, set the PIN codes generation method to Manually: pin_codes_manual_generation.png With this option enabled, you will be able to either add PIN codes manually typing them by hand or to import the codes from a CSV file.

      To add PIN codes manually:

      1. Click the button Add pin codes. pin_codes_add_manually0.png

      2. In the popup that appears, type the PIN codes you require. pin_codes_add_manually.png

      3. Click Add pin codes.

      To import PIN codes via CSV:

      1. Click the button Import from CSV file. pin_codes_import0.png

      2. In the popup that appears, choose the CSV file for import. pin_codes_import.png

      3. Click Upload.

        Manual PIN codes are limited to 64-digit alphanumeric code.

  5. After the required PIN codes for the product have been added, be sure to save the product details.

That’s it. Now you have a PIN code product.

If necessary, you can track the creation and sales of PIN codes to customers, as well as delete manually created PIN codes you no longer need. For details, see the section Managing PIN Codes below.

Managing PIN Codes

You can track the creation and sales of a product’s PIN codes using the same section where you have added the PIN codes - the PIN codes tab of the product details. Here you can see a list of all the PIN codes available for the product. For each PIN code you can see the date of its creation. PIN codes that have already been sold are marked as Sold (a link to the order in which the PIN code product was purchased is provided).

If you added PIN codes using the manual method, you can delete any unused PIN codes, if required. Note that this feature is available for manually-generated PINs only (not for PINs generated by X-Cart).