General requirements

Beginning with version 5.2.6, the module allows you to connect to printers using the following connection methods:

  • QZ Print Java applet (According to information on the qz Customer Portal, support for the Legacy Applet Version (QZ Print) will be discontinued on January 1st, 2017);
  • QZ Tray 2.x;
  • PrintNode.

The requirements depend on the connection method you require:

Hardware requirements

The minimum set of hardware required to be able to use the module includes a Barcode Scanner and a Receipt Printer. Such a set will be enough for stores that identify products using the barcodes printed by the manufacturer. If you are going to print your own barcodes, you will also need a Barcode Printer.

We guarantee that X-Cart’s POS system module is compatible with the following hardware:

It’s possible that other models can be used, but the ones listed above were tested and proved to be fully compatible. 


The module POS system for X-Cart can be obtained via X-Cart’s Marketplace. It is a commercial module, so you must purchase a license to be able to use it.

Note that the module POS system requires another module by X-Cart team to be installed and enabled - System fields. Be sure to enable this module prior to enabling the module POS system.

The general module installation instructions are available here: Installing modules from the Marketplace.

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