General requirements

Beginning with version 5.2.6, the module allows you to connect to printers using the following connection methods:

The requirements depend on the connection method you require:

  • For printing with QZ Tray 2.x, it is recommended to purchase QZ premium support at  Most printers are supported, but it’s going to depend on the printing technique. The product performs best with a series of raw printers that receive a proprietary markdown language such as ESCPOS, EPL, ZPL, DPL, FGL, etc. QZ Tray also supports standard desktop printing (e.g. inkjet, laserjet, 2d printing drivers). For more info, see Getting started with QZ Tray 2.x.
  • For printing with PrintNode, you need to register an account with PrintNode at For more info, see Getting started with PrintNode.

Hardware requirements

The minimum set of hardware required to be able to use the module includes a Barcode Scanner and a Receipt Printer. Such a set will be enough for stores that identify products using the barcodes printed by the manufacturer. If you are going to print your own barcodes, you will also need a Barcode Printer.

We guarantee that X-Cart’s POS system module is compatible with the following hardware:

It’s possible that other models can be used, but the ones listed above were tested and proved to be fully compatible. 


The module POS system for X-Cart can be obtained via X-Cart’s Marketplace. It is a commercial module, so you must purchase a license to be able to use it.

Note that the module POS system requires another module by X-Cart team to be installed and enabled - System fields. Be sure to enable this module prior to enabling the module POS system.

The general module installation instructions are available here: Installing modules from the Marketplace.

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