To create a barcode for a product, X-Cart’s POS system module uses the value of the UPC (Universal Product Code) field in the product’s details.

This means that, before generating a barcode for any of the products in your store, you must add a UPC for this product. A UPC code for a product can be added via the product’s editing page (“Info” tab):

If the product you are creating or editing does not have a barcode provided by the manufacturer, you will have to create your own UPC for it. To do so, type in the desired UPC code manually into the UPC box and save the product details. If the product already has a barcode that you want to use in your store, you can automate the process: simply place the cursor inside the UPC box and scan the product’s barcode label with your Barcode scanner. The scanner will read the UPC code from the barcode, and it will appear in the UPC box. After this you will only need to save the product details.



UPC codes must be unique per product.

Once a UPC code is added for a product, a new tab titled “Barcode” appears on the product editing page: 

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