The Products Carousel module allows to enable responsive and user-friendly product carousel for certain sections in the storefront (e.g. Bestsellers, Featured Products, New Arrivals, etc.) and is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktops.

To install the module follow the guides from Installing addons from the Marketplace.

When installed, proceed to the module settings page to configure it:


You’ll see the list of sections product carousel can be enabled for:


Choose the sections and set the desired navigation for them - it can be either pagination or a set of “next”-“previous” arrows or you can use both at the same time. Navigation choice is applied to all sections with product carousel enabled and can’t be changed on a per section basis.

Submit your changes to make them active.

When the product carousel option is enabled for a section it will look as follows in the storefront:


Customers now don’t need to scroll the screen down to see all products in the section. They can use either arrows or pagination to view them all in the same place.

Product carousel mode preserves a possibility for a customer to drag-n-drop a product to add it to cart: