Google reCAPTCHA module uses the free Google reCAPTCHA service to protect your shop from robots creating fake user accounts and sending SPAM through your site.

The module integrates with the advanced version of the API that displays a simple “I’m not a robot” checkbox instead of asking users to enter a complex mix of digits and letters.

To start using the module make sure it’s installed and enabled as described in Installing addons from the Marketplace.

Then sign up for a free Google reCAPTCHA account, to get your site key and secure key that you’ll need to specify dirung the module configuration.

To configure the module open the module settings page:


The settings page is devided into 3 subsections:

  1. Google reCAPTCHA account gre-settings-1.png Specify here your:
    • Site key
    • Secret key
  2. Google reCAPTCHA settings gre-settings-2.png Select the values for the following fields here:
    • API version : Can be only reCAPTCHA Version 2.0.
    • Theme : Select between ‘light’ or ‘dark’.
    • Size : Select between ‘normal’ or ‘compact’.
  3. Forms protected with Google reCAPTCHA gre-settings-3.png Toggle on the reCAPTCHA protection for the forms you need. Possible options are:
    • Sign-in form (storefront)
    • Password recovery form
    • Customer sign-up form
    • Contact form
    • Vendor sign-up form

Submit the settings when you are done.

The enabled Google reCAPTCHA protection for the chosen forms will look as follows:

Forgot password formgre-forgot-password.png
formgre-sign-in.png
Sign-up formgre-create-new-account.png
Contact formgre-contact_us.png