You can configure your X-Cart 5 store to show a section recommending related products (alternatives or additional items) to your customers - the so-called “Related products” block. This feature is available through the use of the addon Related Products by X-Cart team. To use the feature, make sure this addon is installed and enabled. related_products_addon.png

By using the related products feature you can:

  • encourage the customer viewing a product to spend more money by buying a more expensive alternative to the product being viewed;
  • remind the customer about other popular things in which they may be interested (extensions, accessories, warranties, etc.) or recommend related products from other categories;
  • display recommended items in the Add to Cart popup (This requires the addon “Add to Cart Popup”).

Here is an example of a “Related products” block displayed at the bottom of the product page for one of the products in our demo store: xc5_rproducts_block.png

And here is an example of how related products can be used as a source for product recommendations for the Add to Cart popup. Note the items in the section “Customers who bought this also bought”: xc5_products_related_products1.png (More info on how to enable this feature can be found in the section Add to Cart PopUp Addon)

Imagine that you have a product in your product catalog that you want to connect with one or more other products so that these other products will be recommended to customers when the customers show an interest in the first one. To do that you will need to edit the first product specifying the other products as related to it. Here’s how it can be done:

  1. In the Products section of your store’s Admin area (Catalog -> Products), find the product for which you need to add related products, and open its details. Click the Related products tab to go to the respective section of the product details. related-1.png

  2. In the Related products section, click Add related products. xc5_rproducts_add.png

    You will see a popup with a list of products to select your related products from. xc5_rproducts_add1.png

  3. Select the product(s) that you want to be related to the product you are working on. If necessary, use the filter above the list to find the product(s) you require.

  4. Adjust the setting Make bidirectional relations at the bottom of the list as you require to specify how the selected products should be related with the main product. (Enable the option Make bidirectional relations if you want the products selected from the list to be linked to from the main product as well as themselves provide a link to it. Disable this option if you want the products selected from the list to be linked to from the main product, but not provide a link to it.)

  5. Click Add products. xc5_rproducts_add2.png

This adds the selected products as related. xc5_rproducts_added.png

Related products can be imported via a .csv file as described in the section CSV import: Products.

Managing Product Relationships

Once you have added one or more related products for a product, they can be viewed and managed via the Related products section of the product’s details.

To change the order of the products in the “Related products” block on the storefront, readjust the positions of the individual products in the related products list: xc5_rproducts_sort.png

To specify that the relationship between a related product and the main one should be bidirectional, enable the Bidirectional link option and save the changes: xc5_rproducts_bi_link.png

To stop showing a product as related, remove it from the related products list. To do so, select the related product for deletion using the X button opposite its name and save the changes. xc5_rproducts_remove.png

Note that in the case of a bidirectional relationship between the products, after the removal of a related product from the related products list the main product will still remain connected to that related product and will appear in the “Related products” block for that product. To remove the relationship between the products completely, you will need to disable the “Bidirectional link” option before removing the related product.

Bulk delete and bulk enable/disable action for the bidirectional connection are available via the Edit all button. xc5_rproducts_bulk.png