X-Cart is integrated with Segment via a special free addon Segment Integration. The integration provides access to such useful tools as Goole Analytics, Mixpanel, Pinterest Tags, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Kissmetrics, etc.

To start using the addon, install it as described in Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store. segment_integration_addon.png

After the addon has been installed and enabled, create a free account with Segment.com. It is best to do it in a separate tab of your browser while keeping the X-Cart Segment Integration page open.

To create an account with Segment.com:

  1. Open Segment.com and type in your name and work email (this will be your login at Segment.com), create a strong password and agree to Segment’s Terms and Privacy Policy, and click Continue. Segment-signup.png

    If you already have an account with Segment.com, sign in and add your X-Cart site as a source to Segment.

  2. On the next page, specify your business details and click Create A Free Account. Segment-create-account.png

That’s it! You’ve created a free Segment account for your business. Don’t clise the Segment tab as you’ll need to proceed further from where you stopped.

Now you need to add your X-Cart site as a data source to Segment.

For this purpose:

  1. Follow the Quickstart page that you’ll see next to account being created. Segment-quickstart.png

  2. Click Cancel to exit the Quickstart and get access to your Segment back-end. Segment-cancel-quickstart.png

  3. Add your website as a data source in Segment back-end:
    • Locate the Sources section and click Add Source: segment-backend-add-sourse.png
    • Choose Website > Javascript on the Catalog page you are redirected to: segment-backend-website-js.png
    • Click Connect in a pop-up: segment-backend-website-connect.png
    • Enter your company name and the full URL of your X-Cart based store and click Add Source segment-backend-website-url.png
    • Proceed to the Settings tab to get the required API Key value: segment-backend-account-settings.png

      You do not need to add the suggested Javascript code as you have already installed Segment in your X-Cart.

    • Find and copy the Write Key value in Settings -> API Keys section: segment-backend-api-keys.png
  4. Open the Segment Integration addon settings page in your X-Cart Admin area: settings-page.png

  5. Paste the Segment Write Key value in the field on the addon settings page and click Submit:

You are all set! Segment is now collecting your website data.

Once Segment Integration is enabled and data collection starts you can add the services you need as Destinatons in the Segment back end so that it passes the data collected from X-Cart to the respective service and process it there.

To add a Destination:

  1. Click Add destination on the Overview page in the Segment back-end (or proceed to the Destinations section and click the Add destination button there): add-destination-overview.png
  2. Choose the required service from the Catalog: destinations-catalog.png
  3. Proceed with the service set-up as described on the page.
  4. Wait for data to flow to the newly added system.

In case of any difficulties with the Segment back-end configuration you can always refer to Segment documentation for help.