To start using the X-Cart special offers addon ‘Buy X Get Y’, you need to make sure it is installed and enabled in your X-Cart store.

Depending on the X-Cart edition you are using, you may find that the addon ‘Buy X Get Y’ is already installed. If not, you can obtain it from the X-Cart App Store. so_buyX_getY_addon.png To install the addon, follow the instructions from Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store.

Note that the addon ‘Buy X Get Y’ requires another addon for its operation - the addon Special Offers (base): so_base_addon.png This addon does not offer any ready-made functions that you can use, but it provides the basic logic and UI which other addons, including the addon ‘Buy X Get Y’, can use to add different types of special offers. You do not need to worry about installing the addon ‘Special Offers (base)’ separately; simply install the addon ‘Buy X Get Y’, and the addon ‘Special Offers (base)’ will be installed automatically along with it.

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