The addon Tax Exempt by X-Cart makes it possible to add tax exemptions for certain groups of customers as well as for particular products. tax_exempt_addon.png

To start using the addon, install it as described in Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store.

Tax-Exempt Customers

The Tax Exempt addon adds a special field at checkout where a buyer can specify a tax number to be release from tax paying:


By default, the field name is “Tax Number”. However, a store admin can change the field name if required using Labels Editor.

Once a tax number has been added, it is stored in the Tax number field in the customer’s profile and can be viewed both by the customer (My Account -> Address book) and a store admin (Users -> Users list -> Profile -> Address book):

Customer profile in Admin Areatax-number-user-profile-adm.png
Customer profile in the storefrontprofile-details-cus.png

To enable tax exemption for a customer, a store admin needs to enable the option Tax exempt in the customer’s profile details (Users -> Users list -> Profile): tax-exempt.png

If you need to prevent your tax-exempt customers from changing their tax numbers without your knowing, disable the Allow customers to modify their tax number after tax exemption is enabled option on the Tax Exempt addon settings page. settings-page.png

Once the option Allow customers to modify their tax number after tax exemption is enabled is disabled, any tax-exempt customers will not be able to change their tax number at checkout. The Tax number field will be disabled for them, and only a store admin will be able to change it in the Address book on the customer profile page (Users -> Users list). edit-profile-details-adm.png

Tax-Exempt Products

The addon Tax Exempt adds a possibility for a store admin to make certain products tax-free if required.

To specify that a certain product is tax free:

  1. Locate the product in question on the product list page (Catalog -> Products).

  2. Open the product details page.

  3. Enable the Tax Exempt option in the Prices & Inventory section: tax-exempt-product.png

  4. Click Update product.