The addon Variants Table View allows to show all possible product variants as a table with quantity specification fields and enables bulk adding to cart of different product variations.

The extension requires the addon Product Variants installed and enabled in your store. It does not imply its own functionality of creating and configuring the product variants, it just changes the visual representation of the variants in the storefront.

To install the addon, follow the instructions from Installing Addons from the Marketplace.

When installed proceed to the addon settings page for configuration:


The Variants Table View addon page allows you to choose whether to display Quantity, SKU, Image and Weight parameters of a product variant in the table:


Save the changes to make them active.

To enable table view for product variants proceed to the product details page of a product in question.

The product should have variants configured already. If it’s not, set up product variants as described in Product Variants.

Locate the Display variants as a table settings in the Info tab of the product details page and toggle it on.


That’s it! Product variants will now be displayed in table mode:


Now your customers can select which product variant(s) they want to purchase, enter the quantity of each product, and click the Add to Cart button to place all product variants and quantities into their shopping cart at once - without navigating through the product page numerous times to add each variant separately.

Table view for product variants can be added for multiple products in bulk via the product import facility.

Set the ‘variantsAsTable’ field value for a product to ‘Yes’ to make variants displayed as table.