The X-Payments connector addon for X-Cart 5 connects your X-Cart 5 based online store to X-Payments for PCI compliant credit card processing. 

Typically, your X-Cart 5 store will have the X-Payments connector addon installed and enabled: xp_connector_addon.png

If not, you can install it from the X-Cart App Store. To intall the addon, follow the directions from the section Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store.

Important: Please be aware that the X-Payments connector for X-Cart 5 has no support for the addon Not Finished Orders; for this reason, regardless of the addon settings, not finished orders will not be created when payment is made via X-Payments.

To start using X-Payments with your X-Cart store, you will need to complete the following connection steps:

  1. Configure the connection in the X-Payments back end.
  2. Configure the connection in the Admin area of your X-Cart 5 store.

A video guide for connecting X-Cart and X-Payments 3.x is available:

(Published on Sep 21, 2016)

For earlier X-Payments versions the process is similar; however, the steps included can be different - Connecting X-Payments 2.1 x with X-Cart 5 (video)