At the moment of writing this article, the module ”XC4 to XC5 Migration wizard” is available for X-Cart versions 5.3.1 and later. It provides a tool for the migration of data and settings from X-Cart 4 based online stores (versions 4.4.0 or later) to the X-Cart 5 platform. For the most up-to-date information on the module compatibility, please see the module page.

To migrate your X-Cart 4 store to X-Cart 5, you need:

  1. Your existing X-Cart 4 store. For the migration, you will need to provide the migration module with your X-Cart 4 database connection details and your store URL, so be sure to have those at hand when you launch the Migration wizard.
  2. A fresh installation of X-Cart 5. Important: Be sure to use the default build configuration that you get right out of the distribution package. Do not install any additional modules and do not attempt any customizations of the X-Cart 5 store’s default functionality or look & feel before your X-Cart 4 data and settings have been fully migrated. Be sure to remove any demo data that may be present in the X-Cart 5 store (A link to the “Remove data” tool will be provided at the first step of the Migration wizard).

The module can be obtained via X-Cart’s Marketplace: xc5_migration_module_install.png

To install and enable the module on your system, follow the general module installation instructions. See Installing modules from the Marketplace.

As a result, you should have the module “XC4 to XC5 Migration wizard” installed on your X-Cart 5 store:


After the module has been installed, you are ready to proceed to the migration of your data and settings. See Using the module ‘XC4 to XC5 Migration wizard’ for detailed info.