X-Cart Multivendor edition is X-Cart Business extended with a bunch of Multivendor-specific addons. These addons modify a regular X-Cart Business store transforming it into a marketplace that can be used simultaneously by multiple sellers.

The most important addon of this bunch is Multi-vendor. Is is the core of the Multivendor package; you won’t be able to run a Multivendor marketplace without it. This addon introduces a new type of X-Cart users - “vendors”, an interface for vendor registration and approval, an option for the store administrator to choose one of two store operation modes (Warehouse/Vendors as separate shops), a dedicated area of the store back end where vendors can manage their product catalog and get access to orders, payment transactions and statistics, and so on. mv_module_inst.png

There are also a few other addons recommended for use with X-Cart Multivendor. Some of them are strictly specific to the Multivendor package because they depend on the core Multi-vendor addon and cannot be used without it (like Trusted/Non-trusted vendors). Others are addons that have Multivendor related features (like Order messages). You are not required to have all these addons installed and enabled in your store; just choose the ones you require for your business.

Here’s a brief overview of the addons typically used to build a Multivendor store (in addition to the addon Multi-vendor):

  • Trusted/Non-trusted vendors: The addon enables the store administrator to mark vendors as trusted and non-trusted. Any products added by vendors with the status “Trusted vendor” will be visible to your store visitors right away, whereas the products of non-trusted vendors will appear on the storefront only after they have been approved by the administrator. tntv_module_installed.png

  • Order messages: The addon enhances the communication system in your store by providing an opportunity for the customers, the store administrator and the vendors to start a conversation or dispute about an order right from the Order details page. om_module_installed.png

If an addon you are looking to use is not installed in your store, check the X-Cart’s Marketplace.

For general addon installation instructions, see Installing addons from the Marketplace.

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