To create a new vendor staff profile, a vendor needs to be logged in to their personal Vendor area. The creation of a new vendor staff account can be initiated from the Vendor staff members section (My account > Staff members): mvp_myaccount_staffmembers.png

In that section, the vendor needs to click the Add staff member button: mvp_staffmembers_add_new.png

A new blank Email field will be provided on the screen: mvp_staffmembers_add_new1.png

The vendor needs to use that field to enter the email address of the person who needs to be given vendor staff access. This needs to be a valid email address as it will be used to send an invitation to the user with a link for access to the vendor area; the user will have to use that link to complete the setup of their profile as a staff member.

Before saving the new user profile, the vendor also needs to set the desired access level for the user by adjusting the Full access switch for their profile. For more info on vendor staff access levels, see the section Multiple profiles for vendors: Staff member access levels of this manual.

If necessary, the vendor can add more than one staff members at once: every click of the Add staff member button creates an additional blank line for a new vendor staff member profile: mvp_staffmembers_add_new2.png

After adding the staff email address(es) they require and setting the access level(s), the vendor needs to click the Save changes button. This will create the new vendor staff profile(s).

Once a user profile for a new vendor staff member has been created, the vendor needs to send them an invitation so they can log in to the vendor area, confirm their staff status and begin their work.

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