First of all, check that the Order Messages module is installed and enabled as described in Activating and deactivating addons.

If enabled and you have the Multivendor module enabled as well proceed to the Messages module settings page to add special options for providers:


You’ll see a screen where you’ll need to allow a direct communicaton between customers and providers in a “Warehouse” mode:


In the “Warehouse” mode it’s a store administrator who handles communication with customers by default. If both messaging with the store administrator and vendors is enabled, a customer can choose whom he wants to communicate with.

In “Vendors as separate shops” mode vendors communicate with customers themselves and get only the messages related to their orders.

A store administrator gets notifications about new messages in the Notification Menu of a store admin area.


The menu expands and it’s possible to open new messages and disputes right from it.


If you view new messages and disputes this way the system will show only the new unread messages or disputes to you:


If you need to see all available messages but not only the new ones open the Orders -> Messages section of the admin area


Besides that, all messages are duplicated by e-mail.


A store admin can search for orders with messages using the advanced search panel on the Orders list page (Orders -> Orders list)


Additional filtering option is added to the Orders list section and allows a store administrator and vendor to get a list of orders With any messages or With unread messages.

Also, if there is a new message for an order, it will be displayed in the Messages tab of the Order details page:


If necessary a store admin can open a dispute on the order (e.g. to cut into the messaging between a vendor and a customer and get notifications for this conversation) by clicking the ‘Open dispute’ button in the Messages tab of the Order details page and close a dispute by clicking the ‘Close dispute’ button respectively.


To open a dispute it will be necessary to specify a reason for it:


And a dispute will be opened with a special notification on whom the dispute originates to:


When a dispute is closed, a special notification will be there as well: