The Messages module saves your customers from the necessity to search for contact info and fill in contact forms. With this module they can get in touch with the store admin and/or the vendor of an ordered item in one click directly from the order details page.


All communication with the store admins and/or vendors will be registered in the Messages tab of the My Orders section in the customer account. To view the communication it will be necessary to click on the related order number.


Also, it’s possible to get a quick access to the messages from the My account drop-down in the customer storefront:


In case a customer is not satisfied with the ordered item or with communication with a vendor or whatever else, he can open a dispute to get in touch with the store administrator.

To open a dispute a customer should:

  1. Click the Contact seller link opposite to the order in question contact-seller.png
  2. Click the Open dispute link on the Messages page open-dispute.png
  3. Specify a reason for the dispute in a pop-up dispute-popup.png
  4. Click ‘Open dispute’

A dispute will be registered and the seller will get a notification about it: dispute-opened.png

When a customer gets a new message from the seller, there appears a special icon in the header in customer area.


Also a customer gets an e-mail notification about any new message recieved:


If a customer decides to close a dispute he can click the Close dispute link in the related communication thread: close-dispute-cust.png