All orders in X-Cart are recorded in the Orders -> Order List section where the store admin can manage them.


The orders listing page has an advanced search panel where the store admin can choose orders to work with according to several paramethers. The chosen filters can then be saved and will be displayed as preset filters on the top of the page.


The chosen orders can be bulk-edited using a panel on the bottom of the page.


The options for bulk edit are:

  • Print selected: Print invoice OR Print packing slip
  • Change payment status for selected : Awaiting payment / Partially paid / Paid / Cancelled / Refunded
  • Change fulfillment status for selected : New / Processing / Shipped / Delivered / Will not deliver / Returned
  • Delete selected

Also it is possble to export orders into CSV directly on the orders listing page. Use the ‘Export all: CSV’ button for this purpose.

The order listing page allows the store admin to view the following order details:

  • Order number : Orders are numbered sequentially, starting from the value set in the Next order #: field in the store’s General settings.
  • Date : Date and time of the order.
  • Customer : Name and email address of the customer (by clicking on the customer name you will be redirected to the user profile page).
  • Payment status : Awaiting payment / Partially paid / Paid / Cancelled / Refunded.
  • Fulfillment status : New / Processing / Shipped / Delivered / Will not deliver / Returned.
  • Amount : Order total and amount of items ordered.

The payment and fulfillment statuses of an order can be changed by the store admin directly on the order listing page. The admin should save changes to make them active.

For advanced order management, open the order details page by clicking on the order number (e.g. #00020).


Advanced order management allows a store admin to change the following order details:

  • Customer e-mail address : Info will be changed for this order only.
  • Staff note : Notes can be added in the field for comments.
  • Payment method : For offline payment methods only.
  • Shipping method : For any shipping method.
  • Billing address : Info will be changed for this order only.
  • Shipping address : Info will be changed for this order only.
  • Fulfillment status : Choose one of the available values.
  • Payment status : Choose one of the available values.
  • Tracking number : To add a tracking number click on the ‘Add tracking number’ button. A tracking number can have up to 32 symbols.
  • Order items : An admin can change the price and quantity of the ordered products and add new products to the order.
  • Discount : An admin can add a discount coupon by clicking the Add coupon link or a cash discount.
  • Shipping cost : Change the shipping cost applied to the order.
  • Gift wrapping : If the Gift wrapping option is turned ON admin will be able to specify the gift wrapping cost.

If changes are applied to the order items and associated costs, the admin should first click the ‘Recalculate totals’ button and save changes after that. If no changes to the costs are applied, the admin can save changes right away. With the Notify customer checkbox enabled a customer will get notifications on all the changes apllied to the order.

All order changes are recorded in the order history that can be checked on top of the page. Click the View order history link to display the info.


Any changes made to the order will automatically result in the order invoice alteration, that can be checked in the Invoice tab of the order details page.


The Messages tab can be used if it’s necessary to send notes about the order to a customer.


It’s also possible to print packing slips directly from the order details page. Packing slips provide important details about the order contents and are a great way to communicate what has been sent to the customer.