The Order Returns addon supports full and partial returns for customers.

If an order permits for return, a customer can click a Return button on the order details page in a customer account and claim for return: 541-return-button-customer-account.png

The customer will be redirected to the Create Return page where it will be possible to specify the reason for return, select a preferred solution and leave a comment if necessary depending on the return options configured by the administrator. 541-create-order-return-page.png

When submitted, the respective order details will gain a note on a return registered for it with an “Issued” request status. 541-order-return-registered-cus.png

The further progress of a return request processing will be tracked by email notifications.

The final resolution displays on the respective order details page and is also sent by email. 541-order-return-completed-cus.png

If a return request is authorized the request status changes to “completed”. If a request is declined, the status changes to “declined” as well.