First of all you’ll need to configure the returns policy of your store.

Proceed to the Fulfilment statuses tab of the Orders -> Order Statuses page of the Admin area and set the order statuses permitted for return:


If you don’t have the Custom Order Statuses addon installed and enabled, you’ll have only the orders with 2 fulfilment statuses permitted for return by default:

  • Shipped
  • Delivered

If the Custom Order Statuses addon is enabled you can allow orders with any existing statuses for return as well as create new fulfilment statuses, if necessary.

Don’t forget to add your returns policy to the Return Policy page in the Catalog -> Product Tabs section.

To manage order returns open the Orders -> Returns section of the Admin area.

You’ll see a list of all orders for that a return has been claimed.


New orders claimed for return will have an ‘Issued’ status. The rest will have either ‘Completed’ or ‘Declined’ statuses, depending on the resolution being set.

To edit a claim for return click on the order number on the Orders -> Returns page.

You’ll be forwarded to the Order return tab where you’ll see a sceen of the kind: manage-return.png

Your options are either to Autorize or Decline the claim for return.

If you authorize the claim for return the order status will be changed to REFUNDED [payment status] and RETURNED [fulfilment status] automatically. The claim for return will get a COMPLETED status respectively.

If you decline the claim for return the order payment and fulfilment statuses will stay as is and the claim for return status will change to DECLINED respectively.

To modify a return request, add the necessary changes to it and then hit the ‘Modify’ button that becomes visible.

A customer will get an e-mail notification on any change you apply to the order, including the changes to the claim for return and its resolution status.