When you are fulfilling orders, you might want to include a packing slip in the package that you’re sending to your customer. Packing slips provide important details about the order such as the to/from address and order contents and are often one of the first things a customer sees when opening their package. Hence packing slips are a great way to communicate what has been sent to the customer and provide value beyond the sale.

You can print packing slips after you have begun the fulfillment process. Packing slips can be printed from the order details page (Orders -> Orders list) and include all the items being sent in a specific shipment.

To print a packing slip:

  1. Find the order in question in the order list (Orders -> Orders list): order-list.png

  2. Open the order details page by clicking the number of the order that you want to print a packing slip for.
  3. Click the Print packing slip button in the right upper coner: packing-slip-button.png

  4. Click Print in a pop-up: print-button.png

  5. Enclose the packing slip to the parcel

You can print packing slips for more than one order at once. You can do this directly on the orders listing page (Orders -> Orders list).

To bulk-print packing slips:

  1. Open the Orders list page (Orders -> Orders list): order-list.png
  2. Select the orders you need to print a packing slip for: select-orders.png

  3. Click the Print selected button and choose the Print packing slip option: bulk-print-packing-slip.png

  4. Click Print in a pop-up: bulk-print.png

  5. Enclose packing slips to shipments