Product class attributes can be used to set up properties common for a group/class of products. A store admin can add product classes and product class attributes either manually on a per-product basis or import them in bulk via a .csv file.

Prior to assigning product class attribute(s) to a product a store admin must create and configure the related product class first. Product classes with no attributes configured for them are of no use.

X-Cart has 2 possible ways of creating and managing product classes and product class attributes that differ in means and actions that can be applied:

  • via the Classes & Attributes section of the admin area, that allows to create, edit and delete product classes and add attributes to them. The changes done in this section will be applied store-wide. classes-attr.png

  • via the Attributes -> Global tab of any product details page, that allows to create product classes and assign them to products, as well as to add attributes to existing and newly created product classes and apply these attributes either store-wide or on a per-product basis, also it’s possible to edit product-class attribute names store-wide and delete product-class attributes on a per-product basis here. classes-attr-product.png

Read on the guides from this section to learn how to create and manage product class attributes in X-Cart.

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