Attribute options for multi-value product attributes can be configured as price and/or weight modifier options that will increase or decrease the price and/or weight of the product (the product’s weight affects the shipping cost). 

Here’s an example of a price modifier option that allows customers purchasing a denim jacket to add an embroidery for an additional $10 per unit: modifier-1.png

Here’s what it looks like on the storefront: modifier-2.png

If the check box “Add embroidery? (+ $10.00)” is selected the product price changes respectively: modifier-3.png

To configure attribute optios as price/weight modifiers:

  1. Hover your cursor over the field displaying the attribute option that you want to add a price and/or weight modifier to. A link titled Modifiers is revealed: modifier-4.png
  2. Click on the Modifiers link. This displays a popup panel allowing you to specify the price and/or weight modifier this option will be altered by if chosen: modifier-5.png
  3. Use the Price and/or Weight field(s) on the popup panel to specify the modifier values you require. modifier-6.png
  4. If you are editing product-class or global attributes choose whether you want to apply the changes locally or globally.
  5. Click Save changes: The settings will be saved. modifier-1.png