There are 2 possible ways to add a category in X-Cart - manual and via import facilities. This article is devoted to a manual category creation.

To add a new category in an X-Cart store catalog:

  1. Go to the Categories section of your store Admin area (Catalog > Categories).

  2. Click the New Category button.

  3. In the field that will appear, enter the category name you require.

  4. Click Save.


You’ll see the category you’ve just created in the list.

Categories are displayed on the store home page in the order of appearance in the list, so change the category position if necessary.


To add a subcategory you should do almost all the same as to add a category, as a subcategory is a category in fact but of a lower level. So go to the Subcategories tab on the category details page, click the New Category button and follow the procedure described above.


To edit a category/subcategory information click the category/subcategory name and follow the procedures described in Editing Category Details.