X-Cart allows populating categories with products in several different ways.

  1. Import

    Use this method if you need to add multiple products to a category or your store it not yet populated with products.

    See How to import data for a detailed guidance on products import.

  2. Bulk editing

    Use this method if your store is already populated with products and you need to assign/re-assign categories to products.

    See Bulk edit categories and tags for a detailed guidance.

  3. Manual product creation

    Use this method if you need to add one or several new products to a category.

    To add a product to a category in X-Cart:

    • In your store Admin area, locate a category on the category listing page (Catalog -> Categories) and proceed to the category details page.

    • On the category details page, open the Product tab and click the Add product button. 541-category-products-tab-add.png

      You will be redirected to the Add products page (Catalog > Products > Add products) where you can specify the product properties as described in Adding a New Product.

    Generally, the Products tab of the category details page is aimed to display a list of products assigned to that category: 541-category-details-product-list.png

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