By default your product categories are displayed as a block in the left-hand side column of the store site.


It is possible to change the location of the category block using Webmaster mode. Also it is possible to remove the category block altogether and add categories to the top menu. This way you will get a horizontal representation of the categories.

To add categories to the top menu:

  1. Add your categories as menus on the Menus page (Content > Menus) in the store back end as described in Adding new items to your store’s menus.


    If you want to add a link to a page within your store (e.g. a category page), you can specify it as ?target=category&category_id=4 (relative path) or as (absolute path). Also the ‘{category_name}’ shortcut value will lead to the category page.

    Make sure the category menus are enabled and go in a proper order. Disble any unnecessary menus to make the menu bar more attractive.

  2. Add a submenu if necessary


  3. Change the home page and default page layout on the Layout page (Look & feel > Layout) in the store back-end.


  4. Check your new site layout.


It is also possble to move the categories list to the horizontal bar using the X-Cart addon Horizontal Flyout Categories Menu. Its easier in setup.