You can configure your X-Cart 5 store to show a block with the most popular products (the ones purchased the most often) - the so-called “Bestsellers” block. This feature is available through the use of the Bestsellers module by X-Cart team. To use the feature, make sure this module is installed and enabled:To configure the appearance of the “Bestsellers” block, you need to adjust some module settings:

  1. Go to the “Bestsellers” module settings page by clicking the Settings link. The page looks as follows:
  2. Adjust the module settings as you require. Once you’re done, be sure to save the changes by clicking Submit. The module settings are as follows:

    • Display the list of bestsellers in (the main column / a side box): Use this setting to define the location of the “Bestsellers” block. Choose “the main column” if you want bestsellers to be displayed in the central area of the Home page: Choose “in a side box” if you want the block to be displayed in the sidebar of your store’s website:

    • Number of products in the bestsellers list: Use this setting to specify the maximum number of products that can be shown in the “Bestsellers” block. For example, in the screenshots above the “Bestsellers” block shows three products; that is because the “Number of products in the bestsellers list” was set to “3” when we made the screenshots.