Sometimes it’s necessary to expand the regular products description with a file attachment to provide your customers with a manual if you are selling e.g. household appliances or with a detailed programm description if you are selling courses, whatever.

You can do this using the Attachments tab on the Product details page (Catalog -> Products section).


To add an attachment to a product:

  1. Click on the Add file button and choose the file source: att-2.png You can upload a file:
    • from your local computer
    • from your local server
    • via URL
  2. Choose the file and click Upload The maximum file size is limited by the server settings.

  3. The file will be added to the product att-3.png

You can add a file description, download the file or re-upload it if necessary.

If you need to delete the file, click the Trash icon next to it.

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