About product reviews

The module Product reviews (included in X-Cart business) enables the product ratings and reviews feature for your X-Cart store. xc5_productreviews_module.png

With this module, customers can leave feedback for the products they purchased and see what other buyers think about the products and the store.

The store administrator has full product review management capabilities:

  • choose who can write product reviews (all registered customers or just those registered customers who have actually purchased the product);
  • review the feedback submitted by customers and decide in each case, whether the review should be posted or rejected;
  • search for specific reviews and filter reviews;
  • edit and even create new reviews from the Admin area.

Configuring the Product reviews module

To set your preferences for product reviews:

  1. In the list of your store’s installed modules, locate the entry for Product reviews and click the Settings button below it: xc5_productreviews_settingsbutton.png The “Product reviews” module settings page opens: xc5_productreviews_settings.png

  2. Adjust the module settings:
    • Who can leave feedback: Specify the type of store users who should be allowed to add product ratings and reviews (Registered users only or Registered users who purchased the product).
    • Admin moderates all reviews before showing them to customers: Enable this option if you would like to be able to approve and reject reviews so that only approved reviews will be published.
    • The quantity of reviews for tabs product reviews: Use this setting to specify the maximum number of reviews to be displayed in the Reviews section of a product page (under the Reviews tab). If the number of reviews is greater than the number specified here, visitors will be able to read the rest of the reviews after following the “Read all reviews for the product” link in the lower part of the section.
    • Request customers to review the purchased products after successful orders: Enable this option if you would like a review request to be sent to customers if their order was successful. A successful order is an order that has been successfully paid for and delivered (Payment status = Paid, Fulfilment status = Delivered). For orders that do not require shipping, the Fulfilment status is not taken into account; such orders are deemed successful as soon as their payment status is set to Paid.
    • How many days later to send a review request: This setting pertains to the previous one. Use it to specify the length of period (in days) that should pass between updating the status(es) of an order so the order is deemed successful and the sending of a review request to the customer.
  3. Click Submit to save the changes.

Managing product reviews

The Admin area of your store provides a dedicated section for product reviews - the Product reviews section (Catalog > Reviews). In this section you can view and manage all the reviews that have been created for the products in your store: xc5_productreviews_all_product_reviews.png

Reviews for individual products can also be viewed and managed via the Reviews tab of the product information page of the respective products: xc5_productreviews_reviews_4product.png

In each of the above-named locations, product reviews are presented in a table. For each review, the following information is available:

  • Product (This column is not provided on the Reviews tab of the product information page): Name of the product that was reviewed.
  • Reviewer: Name (as specified by the user while creating the review) and email address of the user who submitted the review.
  • Review: The beginning of the comment about the product that was submitted by the reviewer in the body of the review. To view the entire comment, click on the […] button on the line of the review.
  • Rating: Star rating of the product as was specified by the reviewer.
  • Status: Review publication status (Published = The review is available online; Pending = The review is on moderation, and the administrator has yet to approve the review for publication or to reject it).
  • Date: Date on which the review was submitted.
  • SEO (This column is provided only on the Reviews tab of the product information page): Whether the review should be included into the rich snippet shown for the page of the product when the page appears in search results by Google and other major search engines. More info: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/146750

In the Product reviews section (Catalog > Reviews), a filter is provided above the Product reviews table allowing you to filter reviews and search for specific reviews based on product name, SKU, customer info, rating given by customer, review status, date range and so on. xc5_productreviews_filter.png

To delete a review, click on the Trash icon on the line of that review in the table, then click Save changes. xc5_productreviews_delete.png

To delete multiple reviews, select the check boxes for those reviews and click the Trash button below the Product reviews table. Then confirm your wish to delete the selected reviews. xc5_productreviews_delete_selected.png

To moderate a Pending review, click on the […] button on the line of that review, check if the review requires editing (the review can be edited right away) and click either Approve or Remove. xc5_productreviews_moderate.png

To moderate multiple reviews at the same time, select the check boxes for those reviews, click the Check button below the table and select the option you require from the expanded button menu (Approve selected will approve all the selected reviews and publish them on the product details page of the respective products; Unapprove selected will unpublish the selected reviews resetting their status from Published to Pending). xc5_productreviews_moderate_selected.png

To edit a review, click on the […] button on the line of that review: xc5_productreviews_more_opts.png

This opens the review for editing: xc5_productreviews_edit.png

Edit the review as you require and click the button to save the changes (For reviews in the Published state, this will be the Update button; for reviews in the Pending state, the Approve button).

To add a new review via the Admin area, click the Add review button above the table: xc5_productreviews_add_from_admin.png

Then use the blank form for review creation to create a review and save the changes: xc5_productreviews_add_from_admin1.png

To export all reviews, click the Export all:CSV button below the Product reviews table. xc5_productreviews_export_all.png

To export just some specific reviews, use the filter to find the reviews you need to export, select the check boxes for those reviews and click the Export selected:CSV button below the table. xc5_productreviews_export_selected.png

Managing product review notifications

When a new product review is submitted, a “New product review submitted” email notification is sent to the store administrator. This notification can be disabled/edited via the Email notifications section (Store setup > Email notifications). xc5_productreviews_review_submitted_msg.png