There are more than one ways to add products to your store. You can use the built-in add/edit tool to manually create products one by one in the store Admin area, or you can upload products to your store in bulk using a CSV-formatted file. For some X-Cart versions, there’s also an option to migrate your product catalog from another platform to X-Cart using a migration app.

This guide covers the basics of how to create a product in the store admin area manually.

If you are interested in adding products to your store through an imported spreadsheet, see the section Import-Export for more information. 

To create a product, it is enough just to specify its name. The rest of the product details can be configured later on.

Video Guide

This video captures the process of adding a new product in X-Cart 5.3.x.

Adding a New Product

To add a new product:

  1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the products listing page (Catalog > Products). 541-product-listing-page.png

  2. Click the Add product button. 541-add-product-button.png

    The “Add product” page opens. 541-add-product-page.png

  3. Use the fields on the “Add product” page to provide information about the product. 

    The page contains quite a number of fields, but you do not have to set all of them right now: the only required field is Product name, which means you only have to provide that value, whereas the rest of the product fields may be configured at any time later. See the Product Details guide for a detailed explanation of all the product page fields.

  4. To save the product information you have provided, click Add product at the bottom of the page. The new product will be saved. 

    If necessary, you will be able to find this product on the products listing page (Catalog > Products) to do further editing or to specify some advanced product settings (See the Advanced Product Details guide for more info).