Besides being an essential part of an online store’s branding and marketing, product reviews can definitely be a great insight into the customer service quality. They help build trust and loyalty, and typically describe what sets your products apart from others.

X-Cart has a built-in addon Product Reviews that lets you easily add product reviews to your online store in a clear and convinient way for your customers.

Reviews are a great way to engage your customers and boost sales. If you let only registered customers who’ve purchased the product leave a review, you can be sure that you can address to every piece of feedback and not let small problems grow and become a risk for your store reputation.

When used strategically, reviews can become powerful pieces of social proof that persuade people to buy. The more reviews you have, the more convinced your customers will be that they’re making the right decision. The fact that each new review increases a store’s online presence should not be left aside as well. Since customer feedback appears on each product’s page, reviews can help pages be found on search engines via unique keywords.

In addition to the standard Product Reviews addon it’s also possible to use a paid Shopper Approved Addon that allows to share your customers’ experience and their reviews about the products you sell not only on your site but outside it as well.

Reviews can also help you better understand your products. If a certain product seems to get many complains about it, it might be time to stop investing in advertising and inventory for the product that doesn’t work and/or makes your customers unhappy.

Sometimes you may also need a kind of private feedback about your store products and services that you don’t want to share with anybody but need only as an instrument to be more close to your customers and to improve the quality of customer services. X-Cart Customer Satisfaction is the tool that will help you to implement such a customer follow-up in your store.

Having a way for customers to leave a review is one thing - and quite important - but getting the customers to actually leave reviews is something else entirely. On-site requests and follow-up emails are the most popular methods to do this and the addon Shopper Approved supports these kinds of things. You should also learn how to build email campaigns that you can send out to customers who’ve bought the product recently and had some time to learn the things about the product, and also to experience it enough to write a review about it. One of the tools X-Cart is integrated with that can help you with any possible kinds of email campaigns is MailChimp.

Another way to engage customers in writing a review is giving them a kind of bonus after a review is submitted. It can be a dicount code, a coupon, reward ponts, whatever that can prove to be very beneficial to a customer and make them return to your store for more purchases. To add such behaviour to your store you can use e.g. the Loyalty Program addon to grant customers who left a review on a product with reward points that can be used as a discount for the next purchase. Give it a try and check if the new thigs are worth it.

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