You can configure your X-Cart 5 store to show a block with the related products (alternatives or additional items) - the so-called “Related Products” block. This feature is available through the use of the Related Products module by X-Cart team and is included in Business, Multivendor and Ultimate editions. To use the feature, make sure this module installed and enabled.

Using the related products feature you can:

  • indulge a customer to spend more money, i.e. to buy a more expensive alternative of the product s/he views.
  • recommend related products from other categories, reminding a customer about other popular things s/he may be interested in - extensions, accessories, warranties, etc.
  • display recommended items on add-to-cart-popup (if you have the “Add to Cart Popup” addon enabled)

An upselling link can lead in a single direction (from product A to product B), or be bidirectional (pointing both ways, from product A to product B and from product B to product A). In the former case product B will show up as related on the page of product A, but if we go to the page of product B, we won’t see the product A in the ‘Related products’ block. In the latter case, product B will show up as related to product A and vice versa.

To configure related products:

  1. Go to the Related products tab of the Product details page (Catalog -> Products) related-1.png
  2. Click the ‘Add related products’ button
  3. Choose related products from the list and click ‘Add products’ related-2.png
  4. That’s it! The related products are added related-3.png

By default, all products you add as related ones will have the ‘Bidirectional link’ option enabled. This means that the related product is not only linked to from the product on view, but also provides a link to that product. With the “Bidirectional link” option enabled, removing the link from one of the products will not remove the link in the opposite direction. To remove the relationship between the products completely, disable the “Bidirectional link” option first, then remove the link.

You can remove the bidirectional link to all related products by using the ‘Edit all’ button at the bottom of the page.