To bind your X-Cart store to your Google Anaytics account, you will need to complete the following major steps:

Google Analytics Account Setup

Prior to configuring the GA integration addon in X-Cart you need to get a Web Property ID from the Google Analytics account you will bind your X-Cart store to and to configure some GA account settings.

  1. Open the Google Analitycs account you want to use for the purpose and find the Web Property ID value there:

    • If you already have the Web Property ID, find it following the steps below:
      1. Log in to Google Analytics, using the Google account that owns the Analytics profile that you want to get the ID for.
      2. Choose the Analytics Settings tab
      3. Find the entry in the list for the Analytics profile that you need the profile for.

        Each profile has two rows: the top one lists the URL of the site and profile ID, while the 2nd one has the name you have given the profile, view report-link, some statistics, and links to edit or delete the profile. id.png

    • If you don’t have a Web Property ID, create a new one following the steps below:
      1. Register at using your Google account.
      2. Follow the steps to create a new account and get a tracking ID
      3. Accept Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement
      4. Your Web Property ID is in the Property -> Tracking info -> Tracking code section property-id.png
  2. Copy the Web Property ID value. You will need it for the X-Cart Google Analytics addon configuration a bit later.

  3. Proceed to E-Commerce Settings section of the GA admin

  4. Switch ON the Enable E-commerce and Enable Enhanced E-commerce Reporting settings and Save the configuration. GA-ecommerce-setup-save.png

  5. Create 5 funnel steps to match 5 actions that X-Cart will submit to GA at checkout.

    • Click the Add funnel step button, enter the funnel step name and click Finished.
    • Click Save when all 5 funnel steps are ready: GA-save-funnel-steps.png

    The recommended names for the funnel steps are as follows:

    • Checkout step 1 - Address
    • Checkout step 2 - Shipping method
    • Checkout step 3 - Payment method
    • Checkout step 4 - Place order
    • Checkout step 5 - Invoice

    These funnel names match the actions X-Cart will submit to GA at checkout once configured. You will be able to trace stats on these actions in the Conversions -> Checkout behaviour section of your GA account.

    In case the funnel steps are not created, the stats data will still be submitted, but it won’t have an visual representation that you can get easily.

X-Cart Google Analytics Addon Setup

Make sure the Google Analytics addon is installed and enabled as described in the Managing Addons guide. ga_addon.png

Once the addon has been enabled, open the Settings page to configure it. ga_addon_settings_link.png

The addon configuration settings are as follows: settings.png

  • Web Property ID : Specify your Google Analytics Web Property ID here.
  • What are you tracking : Choose between single domain / one domain with multiple subdomains / multiple top level domains depending on your preferences.
  • Google Analytics code version : Choose between Universal Analytics and Traditional Analytics.

    A preset value is Universal Analytics, it refers to the current Google Analytics version. If you prefer using an old version of Google Analytics switch to Traditional instead.

  • Enable eCommerce Google Analytics : Enable/Disable submitting ecommerce data to Google Analytics
  • Register purchase only on Paid status change : When enabled, order data is sent to Google Analytics when an order gets the ‘Paid’ status. When disabled, X-Cart sends order data when an invoice page shows up to a customer regardless of the order status.
  • Debug mode : Enable to check all actions submitted to Google Analytics in a browser JS console.

Clich Submit to save the changes after the addon configuration has been completed.

Google Analytics will collect statistics based on the settings you specified.

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