Segment is a powerful data aggregation tool which automatically collects information about your store’s visitors, tracks e-commerce events and sends the gathered data to apps for analytics, marketing, data processing and storing.

Segment allows to track various events in your store, such as log-ins, profile updates, category or product pages views, shipping, and payment methods changes, etc. You can choose which of the events you want to track.

The addon collects information on all the pages in your store a user visits. This works both for logged in and non-logged in visitors. Every registered user in your X-Cart based store gets a unique numeric ID in Segment. All the information related to the user (email, username, First/Last name, address, gender, etc) is tied to his ID. In case a user changes or adds any of these values, the information is automatically sent to Segment and further to enabled apps. If a user hasn’t logged in and you don’t know who the user is you can still track the events related to the user due to Anonymous IDs assigned to unregistered and non-logged in visitors.

Though the addon tracks so much data, it is absolutely invisible for your customers and light-weight for your server, having no impact on your store performance.

Segment is integrated with hundreds of tools and applications for further processing of the collected information such as Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Localytics, etc.

To get a mighty tool to analyze your online store and your customers’ behaviour in it you can connect your X-Cart store to Kissmetrics, a popular behavioral analytics and engagement platform.

To advertise the goods you are selling and attract new customers connect your X-Cart store to Google Ads and Pinterest: