X-Cart 5 allows you to configure volume discounts. A volume discount may be expressed as a fixed amount or a percentage off the order subtotal amount. Unlike coupon discounts, volume discounts do not require your customers to enter any kind of secret code: a volume discount is applied automatically to any order that meets certain requirements. You define what these requirements should be. For example, you may create a discount that will be applied to orders with a subtotal amount equal to or greater than a certain amount, or will be applied to orders placed by users of a specific membership level.

When a volume discount is applied, the cart and checkout pages will show the discount amount on a separate line:

For purchases with a subtotal amount below the level needed to get a discount, a message like the following will be displayed:

The volume discounts feature in X-Cart 5 is enabled by the module Volume Discounts:

To use the volume discounts feature, make sure the module is installed and enabled at your store. If the module is not installed, you can install it from the X-Cart Marketplace. For general module installation instructions, see Installing modules from the Marketplace.

To configure volume discounts:

  1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the Volume discounts section (Promotions > Volume discounts).
  2. Click the Add discount button. A section for adding a new discount will be displayed:
  3. Specify the parameters of your discount in the fields of the section that has appeared.  For example, we want to create a discount to let all our customers (regardless of their membership level) to get a 10% discount on orders wth a total amount equal to or greater than $100. In this case we need to configure the discount parameters as follows:
  4. Once you are done, click the Save changes button.

The discount will be added:

If necessary, you can add more than one discounts for the different subtotal ranges and membership levels. For example, with a setup like in the following screenshot all our customers will get a 10% discount off orders with a subtotal amount of $100 or more, and a 20% discount off orders with a subtotal amount of $200 or more; customers of the membership level “Wholesaler” will get 30% off any order of $200 or more.

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