If you set up carrier-calculated or table-based shipping rates for your products, but want to increase the amount you charge customers for shipping a little bit to cover additional expenses like insurance or packing cost, you can do it by adding a handling fee. In X-Cart 5, handling fee is a fixed surcharge that is applied to orders shipped using a specific shipping method. The handling fee is added at checkout and is merged with your standard shipping rates, so the surcharge remains invisible to the buyers.

To set up a handling fee for some shipping method:

  1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the Shipping methods section (Store setup -> Shipping): shipping-1.png
  2. In the list of your store’s shipping methods, find the method that you want to add a surcharge for. shipping-method.png
  3. Click inside the Handling fee field and specify the surcharge amount you require. handling-fee.png
  4. Save changes

That’s it! The handling fee value is added.