As a merchant you may need to charge taxes on your sales and then report and remit those taxes to your government. X-Cart enables you to configure taxes manually or to use automated tax services; it also enables you to charge taxes to buyers. However, it does not file or remit your taxes for you. You may need to register your business with your local or federal tax authority to handle your taxes. You should always check with a local tax authority or a tax accountant to make sure that you charge your customers the correct tax rates, and to make sure you file and remit the taxes correctly.

In X-Cart you can configure taxes manually by setting tax rates for areas in which you are required to collect taxes. Taxation will be applied at checkout based on the customer’s billing or shipping address. For US based stores, taxes need to be configured for the states in which the merchant’s business has nexus. For stores based outside the United States, taxes need to be set according to local tax requirements.

For merchants based in the US, Canada and the EU, there is an option of setting up automated tax calculation with Avalara’a tax service. Integrating with Avalara’s service is really easy using X-Cat’s free AvaTax integration addon. Merchants from the US can also use X-Cart’s TaxJar integration to automate tax calculcation.

You can also set up tax overrides to address unique tax laws and situations using X-Cart tax classes.

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