If you are required to charge buyers a value added tax (VAT) or a goods and services tax (GST), we recommend using the addon Value Added Tax / Goods and Services Tax for tax setup. VAT-install.png

This addon is designed specially for businesses in the UK, EU, Australia and other countries where an ability to charge VAT / GST is a must. The addon allows you to use different tax rates based on the membership level and address of the customer. It also supports tax exemption based on customer’s VAT ID.

Note that we have a special addon for Canadian taxes.

To start using the addon “Value Added Tax / Goods and Services Tax”, ensure that it is installed and enabled in your store.

Please find below some guidance on how to set up and enable VAT / GST calculation using the addon “Value Added Tax / Goods and Services Tax” for X-Cart 5. 

A video tutorial is also available: