Once you download X-Cart from www.x-cart.com and install it on your server, you get a store builder with the user interface displayed in the English language. 

But it will be “English” not only for the user interface but for the whole store set-up as well, meaning that X-Cart is configured to use the British measurement system, date and time format, etc. by default.

It’s possible to localize an X-Cart store to meet your country standards, time-zone and measurement system to sell comfortably within your own country. See Localizing your store for the guides.

Also, you can turn your X-Cart into a truly multi-language solution by installing language translation addons. For example, there are some language translations that you can download from X-Cart Marketplace, including:

If you want to translate X-Cart into a language for which no translation is available in the X-Cart Marketplace, contact us at developers@x-cart.com. We will explain how this can be done and how you can get money out of it.

Below are some guides on how to translate your store into another language: