X-Cart keeps the store text content in labels as you may know, and the catalog content is not an exception. So to translate your store catalog into another language it’s necessary to add text labels and their values in another language for the respective labels in English, e.g. category and product names, descriptions, etc. The easiest way to do this is to export the existing categories and products list into a .csv file, edit this file and then import it back to the store.

Before translating a product catalog make sure the respective translation of the store user interface is installed.

  1. Catalog Export

    To export the current catalog data go to the Catalog > Export section of your store back-end, choose the data to be exported (e.g. products, categories, attributes, etc.) and click Start Export.

    As a result you’ll get a .csv file with the English label names and their values.

  2. Catalog Translation

    Let’s say we need to translate our catalog from English to German. For this purpose we’ll open the exported .csv file in any spreadsheet editor (MS Excel, LibreOffice Calc, etc.), find the cells to be translated (e.g. name_en, description_en, etc.), add a German equivalent for the cells with translation (e.g. ‘name_de’, ‘description_de’, etc.) and then fill in the ‘de’ cells with the German translation. So, as a result, we’ll get a file content similar to an image below:


    The SKU and DE tables should be imported back to your cart. The rest of the tables can be removed. Save the file with the labels translation and import it back to your store as described in How to import data.