To install a language translation module from the X-Cart Marketplace:

  1. In your store’s Admin area, select My addons, then click View more addons in Marketplace to go to the X-Cart Marketplace. xc5_translations_goto_marketplace.png

  2. Locate the translation you require. For example, enter “translation” in the search bar to find all addons of translations in the Marketplace: xc5_translations_search4translations.png

  3. Install and activate the translations you require like you do with any other addons from the Marketplace. See Installing modules from the Marketplace. xc5_translations_install_german.png

As a result, the translation addons you have installed should be added to the Installed Addons section in your store’s Admin area: xc5_translations_aktiviert.png

Once you have more than one language installed and enabled, language selectors will be provided both in the Admin and Customer areas of your X-Cart store.

Admin area:


Customer area:


Try switching the language in either of the areas, and you should see at least some of the words and phrases on the page you are viewing translated to the selected language. For example, here’s what the Modules page in the Admin area looks like after switching the language of the interface in Admin to German (Note the language code “DE” in the language selector):


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