When downloading and installing your X-Cart software pack, you can choose from several packs, including a US pack and a UK pack. Your choice will affect the language of your store’s user interface (both the storefront and the Admin area).

If you need a store in a language not available as a default pack, you can install a default X-Cart pack and translate it to the language you require. For your convenience, we provide a few translation packages which can be downloaded from the X-Cart App Store and installed in your X-Cart store as addons. The translation packages available via the X-Cart App Store include but are not limited to:

If you want to translate your X-Cart store into a language with no translation package available for it in the X-Cart App Store, please contact us at developers@x-cart.com. We will explain how this can be done and how you can get money out of it.

A translation package is a .csv file that contains a list of X-Cart text labels and their values defined for a specific language. For more info on text labels, see Managing Text Labels.

When a piece of text needs to be displayed on a page, X-Cart selects the respective text label from the database and determines which of its translations needs to be displayed - according to the language that is currently selected for viewing the page. If, for some reason, the value of the label for the selected language is missing, the label value for the default language (English) is displayed. If the label value for the default language is missing as well, the label name is displayed.

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